At RJK Group, we have a passion for manufacturing the very best of post-spinning machinery and accessories.

Backed by constant research, our team is dedicated to design and manufacture products that are the most reliable ones in the industry and trusted by thousands.


We manufacture and support the following products:

RJK Primo Winding Machine
RJK Primo Winding / Parallel Winding Machine is the best Cone Winding / Parallel Winding machine available in India for Soft Package, Hard Package and Assembly Winding with Length Measuring System.

RJK Hand Splicer for Ply Yarn
If you can Splice why knot? Splicer, the most advance technique of yarn joining even on Manual Cone Winders, Cheese Winders & TFOs. Splicing excels over knotting in terms of yarn strength, the size and quality of the yarn joints and improved efficiency in subsequent yarn processing, leading ultimately to a better fabric appearance.
RJK Hand Splicer (Wet) is the latest developments for retrofitting of splicing device on existing installations, which are using traditional knotters. For this type of application RJK offers a manually operated Hand Splicer with: Exclusive Air Track System (ATS)

RJK Hand Splicer for Filament Yarn
As a result of continuous R & D efforts RJK has come out with Manually operated Hand Splicer for Splicing continuous Filament Yarn including P.O.Y and L.O.Y. with count range for 20D to 600 D.

RJK High Speed Cone Winding Machine
RJK is the best Manual Cone Winding Machine available in India for Hard and Soft Package for Yarn Dyeing.

RJK High Speed Parallel / Doubler Ply Winder (Mechanical stop motion)
RJK Assembly winder is one of the best available in the Indian market upto 4 Ply with Mechanical Stop Motion

RJK High Speed Parallel / Doubler Ply Winder (Electronic stop motion)
RJK Assembly winder available upto 8 Ply with separate creel with Electronic Stop Motion.