RJK High Speed Parallel / Doubler Ply Winder
(Electronic stop motion)

RJK High Speed Parallel / Doubler Ply Winder (Electronic stop motion)

RJK Assembly winder available upto 8 Ply with separate creel with Electronic Stop Motion.

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  • Due to Electronic Stop Motion burning of Magnetic coil is eliminated
  • Simple design & sturdy construction requires less maintenance
  • Specially designed creel arrangement to take 4 ends of yarn with an increased height of the machine to enable using bigger cones as supply packages
  • A highly reliable Electronic Stop Motion with brakes provides instantaneous lifting of tube-holder in case of yarn-break and stopping of the revolving package reducing yarn wastage
  • Sturdy & sleek Tension Device along with enclosed silver tipped contacts to avoid carbon formation on contacts and long lasting operation for effective stop motion with a specially hard chrome plated balloon breaker
  • Electronic Anti Patterning Device provided for better distribution of yarn on cheeses and minimise the ribbon formation
  • Top shelf provided to keep full cheeses
  • Tension Device to suit different yarn counts as also to maintain a uniform tension in each yarn ply
  • Slub Catchers assembly fabricated from Cast Aluminium and hardened and ground steel blades
  • Stainless Steel Guide Pulleys are provided

Package Wound:

Parallel Cheeses / Plastic Tubes (max. dia 175 mm)

No. of Drums: Standard 120 upto 160 can be provided in multiples of 20
Winding Speed: Upto 500 MPM (Depending on Yarn Quality and count)
Slub-Catchers: Fixed Blade Type
Yarn Suitability: Cotton, Polyester, Acrylic, Wools, Viscose Blends Etc.
Type of Drums: Bakelite Drums having 80 mm Dia and 150 mm Traverse
Count Range: 1S Ne to 120S Ne
Supply Package: 5.57' / 4.20' / 3.30' Paper / Plastic Cones, Open End Cheeses or any kind of Paper Tubes
Package Shape: Parallel Cheeses
Spindle Holder : Spindleless Tube Holder with two double sealed Ball-Bearings ensure smooth running, firmly held package & easy dON / dOFF of the plastic tube
Feed Package Dia : Machine suitable to hold maximum 175mm Dia Cheese or Cone, upto 4 numbers per Drum. Maximum Feed Package diameter will be 175mm for count below 20S Ne
Delivery Package Dia: Maximum 175mm
Split-End Preventer: Specially Designed Split-End Preventer to prevent splitting of ends during High Speed Winding with more plies
Drive: 2 Nos. 3 H.P. Electric Motors for Driving Drum Shaft for 120 Spindles (or less as per requirement of Spindles)

Dimension of Machine:

No. of Spindles
Length (mm)
Width (mm)

  • To & Fro Autoconer Type Overhead Traveling for Cleaning the Machine & Tension Device
  • 3 or 4 Ply Attachment
  • Metallic Drums: Hard Anodised Aluminium Drums / Steel Drums especially to run Synthetic Yarn
  • Separate creel can be provided for Feed Package of 250mm Dia.
  • Machine can be provided upto 8 Ply with separate creel

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