Quality Policy

RJK High Speed Parallel / Doubler Ply Winder

The Quality Policy of RJK Group...

Stringent quality measures are RJK's policy to achieve customer satisfaction...

RJK has always been synonymous with QUALITY in Textile Machinery & Spares. It is an image that our products have built for us over the last few decades. Over 300,000 winding spindles are now working to complete satisfaction of reputed Textile mills all over India and abroad.
We proudly cater to the demand of the industry with the same assured quality and after sales service facility.


Achieving customer satisfaction through quality, service and continuous R & D is what has always mattered the most at RJK in this long journey spanning over five decades. The Kinarivala family manages the RJK group to the utmost satisfaction.

Most of the crucial components / spares are manufactured by us, so the quality control starts right from the raw-material stage and extends to checking on-line during CNC machining, fabrication and assembly.

Appropriate checks and tests are carried out on every component to ensure dimensional accuracy, Micro-level hardness, dynamic balance, surface finish & proper functioning.

For bought-out components like Electric motors, Ball-Bearings, Electrical Switchgear etc. only the best / standard brands are used e.g. SKF, ABB, BCIT etc.

We believe that no product should reach our customer before it is thoroughly tested and approved on our stringent quality norms. For example, our Winding machines are completely assembled & actual winding trials are carried out on every spindle to ensure satisfactory winding at the customer’s end.

Be it products, services or prices, our attitude towards quality remains uncompromising. Any quality issues arising are quickly and professionally addressed to ensure complete customer satisfaction.